Movies: Roma (2018) Review

Hey everyone! How are you?! Hope you all had wonderful holidays. Sorry I disappeared for a while. School was really becoming difficult near the end of the semester, and I just had to tap out from everything for a little while. But, I’ve got my energy back now, and I plan on working out a […]

Movies: Searching Review

Today is a little sad for Grace, because it officially marks the end of my summer break. Although I hate to admit it, I know that my approach to reviewing can be time consuming, and I know I can be inconsistent with my uploads. So, while I still had some free time, before the semester […]

Movies: Upgrade (2018) Review

Blumhouse Productions was founded in the year 2000 by film and television producer Jason Blum. Since their start, they’ve become known for their support and release of low budget thrillers and horror films. Some of their most famous projects include the Paranormal Activity and Purge series. Upgrade is one of a few movies Blum is […]

Movies: Wolf Children (2012) Review

I was a huge fan of anime and manga when I was going to school. Although I still keep up with a few creators I like, but I’ve definitely fallen out of the fanbase in recent years. All the new releases I’ve seen over the last couple years have only been live action. Watching Mary […]