Movies: Like Father Review

Netflix has been producing original series for quite a while now, but they’re still kind of new to film, so Like Father fell completely under my radar. I don’t know yet if I am totally sold on the idea big-budget mainstream films being released on streaming platforms, but for something like this or another form […]

Movies: Annihilation (2018) Review (Contains Spoliers)

In 2014, author Jeff Vandermeer published his Southern Reach Trilogy. It consisted of the books Annihilation, Authority, and Acceptance, all three of which were published within the span of only eight months. The trilogy was described as a science fiction and horror story. If the release schedule wasn’t impressive enough, it seems that almost immediately […]

Movies: Aquaman Trailer Reaction/Review (SDCC 2018)

Well friends, it appears that Christmas has come early this year. I just finished watching the Aquaman Trailer for the first time, and this film looks absolutely spectacular. Leading up to the release of this trailer, the marketing for Aquaman was great. All of the promotional photos and posters looked awesome. And the teaser that […]